Injury Prevention

SMA offers individual and group injury prevention training programs for athletes of all levels. Research has shown that the ACL is the most injured knee ligament and females are 2-8 times more likely to injure the ACL than males. Due to these high incidences, SMA has created a comprehensive sports specific program for the individual and sports team. The comprehensive 3 phase program is as follows:

Phase I (Movement Based Training)

This phase introduces the client to specific warm-ups, body positioning, and movement patterns that are specific to their sport. The focus is to build safe positioning and movement patterns that may help reduce future injury.

Phase II (Dynamic Control)

This phase introduces the client to more ballistic activity including: acceleration, speed, cutting maneuvers, and reactive training that is specific to the sport.. The focus is to build an intermediate level of fitness and prepare the client for higher level athletic activity. The goal of phase II is for the client to develop dynamic control in all planes of motion.

Phase III (Prevention)

This phase introduces the client to exercises, stretching, and training techniques aimed at prevention future injuries. The goal of phase III is for the client to understand injury prevention strategies and specific exercises for injury prevention.


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